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Why did God made flies

and why are so many of them in Australia??

I was wondering why God, or evolution if you don't believe in God, made flies. Camping, or enjoying outdoor life in Northern Australia (and seasonally in most other places in Australia) is seldom without a swarm of annoying flies. Australian flies are significantly more aggresive than African flies and they tenatiously go for your eyes, ears or mouth in a frenzied effort to suck up some moisture. Is the abundance of flies due to too little natural predators that eat flies or is it the Europeans that brought them here and disturbed the eco system? You can stop in the middle of a remote part of the Outback, far from any humans or cattle, and soon you will be pestered by flies.

We have been trying to cope with the flies since we started our tour without success, until we discovered an ointment on sale at the Karijini Visitor Center, made from Rosemary and Cedarwood oils, and it actually works, and smells nice too. After application of the ointment you are really relieved of the flies. You might still get the odd fly that ignores the odour and tries his luck but that is much better than trying to cope with a swarm. Hopefully we can buy some more before we run out of our magic anti-fly ointment.

Trying to cope with the flies whilst updating the blog

Trying to cope with the flies whilst updating the blog

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There is another thought on this fly issue,and that is,that God did not make flies,(and it is not that I don't believe in God) the devil did. There are also humans (if you can call them humans) that were made by the devil and not God. It can also be that the farmers used too much DDT down under and it killed all the fly predators. We use Citronella oil in our cattle dip to keep the South African flies away from our stud cattle as well as the horse. It works very well. Try it.

by Rob Malan

How annoying! But if you look at it from the bright side they don't bite and how well you smell from your "new perfume" :-)
In Sweden we also use lemon smell against mosquitos.

All the best from a sunny, but very windy Örebro!

by Ulla Riis

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